You and your child will need the following items:

• An FSA ID, an account username and password, is used to sign the application. You and your child each need to create your own FSA ID. (Only one of a student’s parents needs to sign the student’s FAFSA form, so only one parent needs an FSA ID.) • A save key, which only your child needs, is a temporary password that lets you return to a partially completed FAFSA form. If you and your child are accessing the FAFSA from different locations, your child should do his or her part and then share the save key with you. Filling Out the FAFSA Form The FAFSA form is available on October 1 for the next school year. However, remember that a one-time delayed release is necessary this year due to the form simplification changes. Look for the 2024-25 FAFSA to become available in December 2023. The FAFSA form should be submitted as soon as possible because funds are limited. States and schools use FAFSA information to award their aid, and state or school deadlines may be earlier.

Multiple ways to complete the FAFSA form are available:

• Log in at to fill it out online. • Complete a FAFSA PDF for the award year you’re applying for (note: you must print out and mail the FAFSA PDF for processing). • In some cases, your child’s school may submit the FAFSA form for him or her.

The FAFSA form is your child’s application, so keep in mind when it says “you,” it means “you, the student.”

Use the following resources if you need help while completing the FAFSA form:

• Watch the How to Fill Out the FAFSA Form video. • Select the white question mark icon next to a question to view a “tooltip.” • Visit the “FAFSA Help” page, where you can view trending FAFSA topics, browse FAQs, or search for more information. • Contact the Federal Student Aid Information Center to chat with, email or phone live support staff in English or Spanish. • Contact the financial aid office at the college or career school your child plans to attend.

Once your child’s FAFSA form is submitted, the “Confirmation” page will appear on the screen. Depending on your state, you may find a link to your state’s financial aid application here.

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