Using this link, your child can transfer information into the state aid application. If you have more than one child attending college or career school and you’re logged in as the parent, you can transfer your parent information into your other child’s FAFSA form using the option on this page. An emailed confirmation should arrive within days after your child’s application has been processed and sent to the school. Read carefully and print and/or save it. Note: Some differences exist between the onscreen page and the emailed confirmation. The information you and your child report on the FAFSA form is used to calculate your child’s Expected Family Contribution (EFC), which • measures your family’s financial capacity, • determines how much federal student aid your child may be eligible for, • and may also be used by your state and the schools listed to determine grant and scholarship eligibility. Your child will receive an EFC on the Student Aid Report (SAR), which summarizes their FAFSA information. Using the FAFSA information and EFC, the financial aid office will determine the amount tof aid your child may receive. New: The EFC is now the Student Aid Index (SAI). Learn more here! After the FAFSA Form You and your child will receive emails confirming that the FAFSA form has been processed. It takes about three days for the FAFSA form to be processed and sent to the school. Learn how to check the application status online. You can also check your application by phone at 1-800-4-FED-AID (1-800-433-3243). If you submitted a paper FAFSA form, you can check the status after it has been processed (seven to ten days from date mailed). After your child’s application is processed, he or she will receive the Student Aid Report (SAR). Review your child’s SAR to ensure his or her FAFSA information is correct and complete. If necessary, make corrections. During the winter or spring, your child will receive aid offers from schools. Help your child understand and compare the offers. Encourage your child to read all communications from the school carefully and to supply additional information, forms, or signatures needed by the school’s deadlines.

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