Great Advice for Parents 2022

7 OPTIONS IF YOU DIDN’T RECEIVE ENOUGH FINANCIAL AID U.S. Department of Education Resource Article If you did not receive enough financial aid to cover your school expenses, you have seven ways to fill the gap. Your school’s financial aid office is an excellent resource to help you explore these additional options, even after completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIPS Scholarships are usually merit-based and do not have to be repaid. The key is being prepared, because scholarships have deadlines and may require time to write essays. So get organized and regularly search and apply for scholarships. Ask your school’s financial aid office or your academic advisor about school-specific or departmental (major-specific) scholarships. You should also look for local scholarships from where you live or graduated from high school. Scholarships may be offered by 1

• community organizations • religious organizations • fraternal organizations • businesses in your community or that employ your parent(s)

Look for scholarship resources that are available from your state government or from statewide organizations with which you may have been involved. Research companies in your state that are related to your planned field of study.

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