Great Advice for Parents 2022


DECIDE WHICH PARTS OF YOUR AID PACKAGE YOU WANT TO ACCEPT To keep your borrowing down, you can reject a portion of your package. Prioritize scholarships, grants, and work-study over student loans. Accepting financial aid is something you handle through your school. Each school will have its own way for you to accept or reject the aid it offers. Visit the school’s website or call the school’s financial aid office to make sure you understand how to do this correctly. Any errors will affect your finances throughout the whole school year. EXPLORE OTHER OPTIONS IF YOU DIDN’T RECEIVE ENOUGH AID TO COVER YOUR COSTS You have options if you didn’t receive enough financial aid. For example, say your financial situation changed significantly because of a job loss or other change in income. In such special circumstances, you can appeal to the school’s financial aid office for additional aid based on financial need. Explain your family’s financial situation with specific examples and documentation. 13

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