Inceptia Getting Students To and Through School with VG

BETTER FOR STUDENTS We knew communication was a key to keeping students engaged throughout the process because students that could have bright futures were being lost because their uncertain financial lives are keeping them from reaching their potential. Even with the proposed upcoming verification selection change, low-income and minority students are disproportionately impacted by verification for whom financial aid is their only gateway to higher education. If they only could get there. Verification Gateway intuitively guides students and parents through the verification process. With easy-to-follow alerts and task lists, they know what documentation is needed, when it’s due and when they’ve completed their requirements. If clarification is needed, there are helpful tips along the way and the option for personal contact.

38% average lift in completed verifications among VG users. 25% of students create their VG account within 24 hours of receiving the first email from Inceptia.

Reducing Verification Melt Through Active Communication

Missed Opportunities and Abandoned Ambitions: Understanding and Combating Student Melt


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