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Personal contact can be challenging and is even more important as students are making critical decisions about if, when and how they fulfill their higher education goals. Student Outreach Programs from Inceptia are designed to enhance your student reach to answer questions and help them progress through milestones, important dates and barriers that are holding them back.

Proactive communication to support student enrollment. Student Outreach Programs Personal contact can be challenging and is even more important as students are making critical decisions about if, when and how they fulfill their higher education goals. Student Outreach Programs from Inceptia are designed to enhance your student reach to answer questions and help them progress through milestones, important dates and barriers that are holding them back.

How did Delgado Community College connect with students to address concerns and boost enrollment? F ind out!

Addressing the Changing Environment

Knowledgeable Counselors Upholding our mission as a non-profit organization, our team is dedicated to understanding the needs of your students and helping them take the next steps to managing their future. Each member of the Inceptia student advocate counseling team goes through approximately 150 hours of extensive initial training, including assessments and quality assurance checks. Team members are required to pass specific quality assurance metrics prior to being able to manage student records. In addition, they participate in five hours on average, per month, in ongoing internal and external training to remain current with federal regulations and requirements. Our team also implements soft skills practices to thoughtfully manage their student conversations for a successful outcome.

The changing landscape of higher ed can be a navigational challenge for students and schools potentially leaving students anxious and uncertain about their next steps. Connecting with them during pivotal times to encourage them and show your support through their challenges can make the difference in their college career and help you realize your enrollment goals. Extend Timely Messages Through a variety of methods, Inceptia student advocate counselors reach out to the students you submit in a concentrated timeframe. You control which and how many students are contacted, so we can answer questions and help them progress by reminding them of their next steps including deadlines, registering for class and encouraging attendance. What are the concerns?


Personalize Contact Each student group has a different set of needs and each school has a unique set of goals. Customizable fields connect those needs and goals creating personalized messages to address specific concerns and barriers. Collect Trends Inceptia counselors will collect information about the concerns expressed by your students and reasons for their actions, like if they withdrew or are not returning, if they are attending another school, and if so, which school. This trending data offers insight as you make determinations about student support planning and future recruitment and retention efforts. How did Gwinnett Technical College continue to keep up with their student contact campaigns when volume outweighed their capacity? L earn more !

Save Time & Money Contacting students takes time and even in education, time means money. By leveraging the Inceptia team we can contact more students in a shorter amount of time and save you money per contact while addressing concerns and reporting findings for your future use. We’ll even let you know when each student was last contacted, so you can determine the next steps. What would your return on investment be if you could increase your enrollment F ind out!

Our overall mission is to extend the care you give to your students and offer support as critical decisions are being made about the next term. Extended Support

604% Return on investment.


Outreach to Help Your Students Get to and Through School Connecting with students during critical decision making times can be the difference between if, when and how they take their next steps in their education career. Proactive outreach solutions can help you reduce melt and student anxiety while promoting school connections and enrollment. Why does melt occur?

Back to School Outreach: Withdrawn Students Supporting re-entry by addressing concerns. Inceptia student advocate counselors will reach out to students that have recently withdrawn from your institution and do not plan to return. Counselors will help uncover the reason for the student’s withdrawal and provide supportive options to encourage re-enrollment with your institution. Why reach out to withdrawn students?

Back to School Outreach: New & Returning Students Keeping student enrollment on track.

Connecting with prospective and current students while they may not be thinking about school perpetuates a relationship that draws students closer to your school. Our counselors will determine if the student will be attending school and respond accordingly by promoting FAFSA completion, give reminders of deposit deadlines and encourage registering for class. We’ll also gather student responses, reasons for not attending, and promote persistence.


FAFSA Completion Helping students to overcome barriers and complete the FAFSA sooner.

Connecting with high school students with a reminder to complete the FAFSA is critical. Inceptia wants to work with you to provide proactive outreach to students to increase the number that complete the FAFSA and help them see all the options they have available. By doing this we can help reduce financial barriers to attending school and lessen student anxiety. PJ Outreach Informing students about financial aid appeals. Understanding the options available when financial needs have changed helps students determine the next steps in managing their college expenses. We will reach out to your students to let them know about the professional judgment process at your school to help keep them moving forward.

Program Overview • School provides contact lists that can be updated weekly. • Students are contacted in a timely and concentrated timeframe based on subject matter. • Phone outreach along with emails and text messages offer the opportunity to chat with our counselors. • Follow-up emails recapping subject matter dependent resources and appropriate school contact personnel information are sent after a right-party connection. • Daily activity reporting highlights data about your students and is provided through the Client Dashboard. Depending on the Outreach Program, reporting may include: - Outreach attempts per student by outreach mode - Contact rate of live contacts - Email open rate - Trending student data on school attendance and reasons - Date of last contact

How does a Student Outreach Program work ?


Return to Repayment Reminding student loan borrowers of their repayment responsibilities. It’s been a while since students have had to manage their student loan repayment. We will provide proactive outreach to your borrowers to offer information and answer critical questions related to the CARES Act and student loan legislation. Reminding them of resuming repayments and determining if there are any additional challenges will put them on the right track for successfully fulfilling their repayment obligations without falling behind.

25 % Average enrollment return.

High Data Security Standards We’re dedicated to protecting the security of all data and the privacy of student borrowers. All contacts and communication are monitored for accuracy, service and compliance. A secure website is used for uploading data and reviewing reports. Inceptia is a TECH LOCK ® Certified: Service Provider. TECH LOCK Incorporated, a nationally recognized data security and regulatory compliance firm, has awarded its certification to NSLP for compliance with FIPS 200 (Minimum Security Requirements for Federal Information and Information Systems) and FISMA NIST SP800- 53 rev 4 (Recommended Security Controls for Federal Information Systems).


Verification Completion Helping students manage the verification process.

Verification can be a daunting task. We will reach out to students that have listed your school on their FAFSA, have been selected for verification, but have not yet completed the process. Counselors will determine where they are in the process, answer questions they have and provide resource assistance when applicable.

Find out what Student Outreach Program s can do for you. In just a few minutes, we can estimate your cost and your return on investment.


We uncomplicate financial aid. Inceptia is a nonprofit organization committed to innovative, effective and uncomplicated solutions for verification, financial aid management, smart borrowing, financial education, student outreach and repayment wellness. 888.529.2028




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