Great Advice for Grads 2020


Set Yourself up for Student Loan Success What to Do When Your First Student Loan Payment Is Due

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How Much You’ll Really Pay for That Student Loan Would Student Loan Refinancing Pay Off for You?

Making Your Money Manageable Don’t Freak Out About an Emergency Fund — Just Start One 15 How to Stem ‘Subscription Creep’ 18 Can’t Bear to Check Your Finances? Here’s Help 21

Ditch the Debt

Is Your Debt ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’? It Depends


How to Actually Achieve Your Debt Payoff Resolution 28 How to Get Traction on Paying Off Your Credit Cards in 2020 31

Get Creative with Credit

Baby Steps Can Get Your Credit Life Rolling Smart Ways to Establish Credit in 2020 How to Use Your Tax Refund to Polish Your Credit

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