Great Advice for Grads 2020

OPT TO SHARE Can you legitimately share a subscription? “Some of these subscriptions offer a buddy pass,” McClary notes. YouTube TV allows family groups to share subscriptions, and certain New York Times subscriptions come with a bonus subscription to share. Some families choose to group their wireless phones on a single plan to lower costs. Don’t forget about freebies at your local public library, which can substitute for subscriptions: digital access to books, audiobooks, movies, music and magazines. DOWNGRADE Downgrading or subscribing seasonally can work, too. Can you downgrade from the premium to free version of software or website access? Are you getting value from your credit card’s annual fee? You can probably downgrade to a fee-free card with the same issuer and keep your long credit history.


Liberally pause or cancel services. You can always restart and re-subscribe later. You might even receive a discount offer to return.

The article How to Stem ‘Subscription Creep’ was written by NerdWallet and was originally published by The Associated Press.

GREGORY KARP is a credit cards expert for NerdWallet. He previously worked at the Chicago Tribune and wrote two money books.


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