But, of course, money can be a loaded subject. To keep the conversation casual, avoid having it while you’re already out spending money, Evans says. (Or while you’re drinking.) As for what to say, start with “I” statements, she says, as in “I’ve been looking at my finances and noticed ...” With this phrasing, your friend is less likely to feel defensive or pressured to share. Or start with a more general, less personal chat. Share an article, Kingsbury says, or bring up the financial aspect of a news event or even celebrity gossip. “Once people start to talk about money in general, then the conversation over time evolves,” she says. And friends “become more vulnerable and willing to share.”

The article How to Handle Mixed-Income Friendships was originally written by NerdWallet on August 9, 2021, and published by The Associated Press.

LAURA MCMULLEN is a writer at NerdWallet.


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