Repayment is finally here!

After over three years on pause, federal student loan repayment is finally set to resume — are you ready? It’s hard to wrap your mind around adding such a significant monthly expense, whether you had been making payments pre-Covid, or you left school since 2020 and have yet to make any loan payments at all. And a lot has changed in the world of loan servicers and repayment options, with less than stellar communication to ensure you know what’s happening. So let us help. We created this special edition of Great Advice for Repayment to address this pressing, current need to prepare for resuming student loan repayment. We wanted to give you a concise, yet thorough guide to what you can expect and how to prepare. With great information straight from the U.S. Department of Education, and our friends at NerdWallet, we collected the best advice to address the questions we hear borrowers ask most often, and put it all together for you in this guide. Our best piece of advice? Become informed now. Take this time to learn about timelines, processes, servicers, and options. After all, knowledge is the best way to combat uncertainty and become an empowered student borrower. We hope Great Advice for Repayment helps you do just that.

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