Great Advice for Grads 2023

Congratulations Class of 2023!

Though we all may take wildly different paths to reach the end goal, getting the degree is never an easy journey. Luckily, you’ve likely had a whole cast of characters — friends, family, educators, advisors, mentors, role models, etc — who have helped you get to this point: a college grad, at last. Inceptia salutes you, as well as all those who assisted you, in achieving your goals. Congrats, class of 2023! Now, let’s be honest, the last thing you probably want to do now is more reading. And if I were you, I don’t know that I would be all that interested in reading about money, in particular. After all, when I was graduating college, I had already spent years pinching pennies and budgeting just to get by; I already knew how to manage money and that was enough, right? Turns out, I was wrong. As I finally embarked on my career rather than just a string of part-time jobs, money questions (and opportunities!) became bigger. And more complex. Suddenly, I was supposed to understand the difference between a 401(k) and a Roth IRA. Decide if I wanted a flex spending account, or a health savings account. Know the right way to negotiate for my worth, or ask for a raise. I realized I didn’t know even half of what I thought I knew. Knowing how to manage daily cash was an entirely different beast than making smart money moves for the future. I learned a lot, and sometimes the hard way. With that in mind, I hope that you give Great Advice for Grads a fair read. You never know what you can learn, or what you might be able to share with others. And since I always choose articles from the perspective of “gee, these are things I wish I had known way back when…,” I hope these topics will resonate with you, too. In any case, whether you read the guide now, or keep it bookmarked for a future time when it is needed most, Great Advice is Inceptia’s gift to you: the gift of financial empowerment. So read it, share it, and go boldly into the future…or, at least know how to spot a great 401(k).

Wishing you the best from all of us here at Inceptia.

Carissa Uhlman Vice President of Student Success Inceptia

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