Great Advice for Parents by Inceptia 2021


Visit colleges that have invited you to enroll.


F Review your college acceptances and compare the colleges’ financial aid offers. F Contact a school’s financial aid office if you have questions about the aid that school has offered you. In fact, getting to know your financial aid staff early is a good idea no matter what – they can tell you about deadlines, other aid for which you might wish to apply, and important paperwork you might need to submit. F When you decide which school you want to attend, notify that school of your commitment and submit any required financial deposit. Many schools require this notification and deposit by May 1.


F Understand the FAFSA better by watching the FAFSA videos at FederalStudentAid. F Follow or like the office of Federal Student Aid at and to get regular financial aid tips. F Make informed decisions about student loans; the following resources are important at this point: F Federal Versus Private Loans F Federal Student Loans: Basics for Students

REMEMBER: Register for all tests in advance and be sure to give yourself time to prepare appropriately! If you have difficulty paying a registration fee, ask your school counselor about getting the fee waived.

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