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5 THINGS TO DO AFTER FILING YOUR FAFSA FORM U.S. Department of Education Resource Article

The financial aid process doesn’t end once you submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. There are still five things you should do to prepare to pay for school: 1. review your FAFSA confirmation, 2. consider your expected family contribution, 3. apply for scholarships, 4. make sure your schools have everything they need, and 5. correct your FAFSA form if needed. Increase your chances of getting more aid for school by taking a few steps after you file your FAFSA form. REVIEW YOUR FAFSA CONFIRMATION After you complete the FAFSA form online and select “SUBMIT,” you’ll see a confirmation page like the one below. This is not your financial aid offer . You’ll get that separately from the school(s) you apply to and get into. 1

The FAFSA form confirmation page can provide aid estimates and other helpful tips to prepare you to pay for college.

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