Great Advice for Parents 2022

• If your child did not file taxes, you can enter his or her financial information manually (if you have access to the required information). If you don’t have access to the information, save and exit the application, and instruct your child to log in with his or her FSA ID, retrieve the FAFSA form using the save key, complete the FAFSA form, and sign it. If you need to save and exit your child’s FAFSA form so he or she can complete the remaining information, you’ll need to log back in and sign your child’s FAFSA form before your child can submit it. SIGN YOUR CHILD’S FAFSA FORM Both you and your child need to sign the FAFSA form. The quickest and easiest way to sign your child’s FAFSA form is online with your FSA ID. 8

If your child is not present, here’s what you do:

• Sign your child’s FAFSA form with your FSA ID first. • Save and exit the application. • Instruct your child to log in using his or her FSA ID, and sign the FAFSA form.

Sign and Submit Tips:

• If you or your child forgot your FSA ID, you can retrieve it. • Make sure you and your child don’t mix up your FSA IDs. This mistake is one of the most common errors we see, and why it’s extremely important for each person to create his or her own FSA ID and to not share it with anyone. • Make sure the parent who is using his or her FSA ID to sign the FAFSA form chooses the right parent number. If you don’t remember whether you are Parent 1 or Parent 2, you can go back to the parent demographics section to check.

Don’t forget to have each parent sign and submit the FAFSA form.

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