Great Advice for Parents 2022

WHERE DO THE YEARS GO? For high school juniors and seniors and their families, you probably find yourself saying some variation of this sentiment more and more frequently. After all, wasn’t it just yesterday they were leaving for their first day of kindergarten, with you full of hope and worry and dreams for their future? Well, the next year or two will feel pretty similar: flying by, full of a mix of emotions, with hope and worry on your mind.

We aim to ease just a little bit of that worry with Great Advice for Parents.

In this, our annual e-guide for high school students and families, we bring you the information you need to make informed choices about college options, costs, student loans, and more. With so much on your plate during these busy days, we know you may be confused about where to even start. That’s why we do our best to make this guide as comprehensive, yet concise, as possible; we cover all the bases without putting you to sleep! With great content from our friends at NerdWallet and trusted resources from the U.S. Department of Education, this year’s guide focuses on the economics of college and the financial aid process. We know that rising inflation and increased costs of living are top of mind for families across the country, and we hope you find this year’s content particularly relevant in navigating current economic waters. As you continue your college planning, there will surely be highs and lows, rejections and congratulations, moments of sadness and happiness. But to be sure, it will all go very quickly. So, try to be present and mindful of the big and small moments that comprise the last days of high school for your student, for they’ll go by in the blink of an eye. Where do the years go? Where will this next year go? With a little planning, and a little Great Advice, the answers are up to you.

Cheers to the year ahead,

Carissa Uhlman Vice President of Student Success Inceptia

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