Great Advice for Parents 2022

ANSWER THE DEPENDENCY STATUS QUESTIONS In this section, you’ll respond to a series of specific questions to determine whether it’s necessary for your child to provide your (parent) information on the FAFSA form. • The U.S. Congress sets these dependency guidelines. They are different from those used by the IRS. • Even if your child doesn’t live with you, supports himself or herself, and files taxes separately from you, we may still refer to them as a dependent student for federal student aid purposes. • If your child is a dependent student, he or she will need to report information about you. If your child is an independent student, you can skip the questions about providing parent information (unless otherwise noted by the school). FILL OUT THE “PARENT DEMOGRAPHICS” SECTION The “Parent Demographics” section is where you’ll provide your own demographic information. Are you divorced? Remarried? Below is a guide to help determine which parent’s information is necessary to include on your child’s FAFSA form. For specific guidance, review our “Reporting Parent Information” page. 6 5

Determine who the parent is when filling out the FAFSA form with this simple infographic.

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