We Can Help Inceptia has student advocate counselors ready to answer student borrower questions through our Knowl website, chat and a simple telephone call. We will be there to help them prepare for the next step, so their student loans are one less concern. Early engagement equals a better outcome and we can help you keep in contact with your student borrowers through our outreach programs that span the student borrower lifecycle. Proactive outreach promotes successful outcomes, extends personal contact, empowers borrowers with the information they need to help them make better financial decisions for their future. Our outreach includes, email, phone and text messages when possible with a complete communication plan at the time it matters most. Return to Repayment Outreach: Proactive outreach to borrowers to remind them of resuming repayments and determining if there are any additional challenges will put them on the right track for successfully fulfilling their repayment obligations without falling behind. Grace Counseling Outreach: Connect with borrowers about the repayment process to launch a successful financial future. Hear a call sample. Repayment Counseling Outreach: Guide your students back to successful repayment and improve your school’s default rate. Hear a call sample. Connect with Us To learn more about how our outreach programs can help keep your students and school on track, visit or contact your business development representative.

Early Student Connection is Key The CDR at Metropolitan Community College had been climbing. The College knew their exiting students didn’t have the information they needed to successfully enter repayment, but staff simply didn’t have the extra bandwidth for more outreach. MCC needed a partner who could support guiding students toward financial empowerment. Read more.

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Uncomplicating Student Engagement Inceptia, a nonprofit organization, provides innovation and leadership in higher education access and success through engaging and empowering students and streamlining processes.




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